Wednesday, August 3, 2016

leisurely summer days?

Every time summer rolls around, I tell myself that this year it's going to be more leisurely. We're not going to be sooo busy, running around doing all of the things. Then summer happens and we do all of the things and fall into bed exhausted at the end of our days and then I remember that for us, that's what summer seems to be for. Mini adventures, sparkly days with friends, house projects, garden love....

I guess we'll save leisurely for the Wisconsin winter days.

*the following photos are from June 28 through July 16

from our raspberry patch

The library teen group took it to the park with boffer swords.

robin fledgling

making friends at the park

a nature date with just Ayla

I absolutely love finding time to spend with my girls one on one. It gives us a chance to connect in a way that is unique to each one.


young tree hugger

kitty snuggles and sister read-alouds


bathroom ceiling project ~ before and after

water fun at the library summer program

leaping for rings at the pool

appropriate attire for the overgrown raspberry patch

with a friend at the library

Camille at the start and finish of the Wa Du Shuda 5k

inflatable fun

Ayla and friends waiting for the fireworks to begin
three peas in a pod

kohlrabi love

matching girls out for pie

Camille flipping off the diving board

kale love in the garden

more garden love

parsley, chives, cilantro, green pepper, and garlic
from the garden

Yesterday there were four silly teens running around our house and the woods surrounding our property for over ten hours. Today I spent several hours at the community pool with four kiddos between the age of 5 and 10. I may actually catch up on this blog one day. There's so much more to share, (a teenage birthday, a party at a cranberry bog, a cave tour, a nose piercing, camping, waterfalls, a new pet . . .) but today is not the day. I'm happy with getting a little further along for now.

 Time to get some sleep and I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Good night all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

creative play

Juno Magazine shared this picture and quote from my home ed column in the summer issue!

"What constitutes play is not the activity itself but the motivating force behind it. Is it self-chosen, as opposed to externally imposed? Is it naturally engaging? Does it create a sense of flow where the process of the activity is more important than the end result? If yes, then it’s play. For me that might be traipsing around in the woods with my camera, or spreading paint on a canvas. For my husband that might be fingering scales on his guitar. Play has been shown to have many benefits for adults as well, such as increased health and decreased levels of stress."

In that vein, one way that I've been playing lately, both by myself and with the girls when they are interested, is through art journaling. We've done some of the free sessions offered by Woman Unleashed Online Retreat . All of the videos are available through the end of July. I'll share here some of my doodles and creations inspired by the sessions.

 from the Opening Session
with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Ayla joined me for a session. We laid out a selection of basic art supplies. At one point Ayla decided that we also needed maracas and a handful of clovers.

Ayla's creation above and mine below
from the Muse Manifesta session
with Shiloh Sophia

from the Sacred Self Care session
with Amy Ahlers

Sylvia, Ayla, and I made our own 'spray inks' by mixing food coloring gel and rubbing alcohol in little travel-sized spray bottles. It was fun to play with.
Ayla's spray ink creation

my spray ink creation
from the Lightness of Mind session
with Tamara Laporte

Sylvia's spray ink creations using the face-drawing info 
from Shiloh Sophia

more doodling with watercolor added

 my inner critic and inner child 
from Healing Your Not Enoughness Ritual
with Dr. Mary Pritchard
 My inner critic looked so very worried. It helped me understand her better. 

My inner child was (and still is) wild, messy, and free.

from the Going Deep to Tell Your Story session
with Devorah Spilman
Let Your Heart Light Shine

 Camille's creation above and mine below
from the Mandala Magic session
by Flora Bowley

I'll end this post by copying out some of the scribblings in my journal:

You do not need to be an "artist" to create meaningful beauty.
You do not need to be a "swimmer" to let yourself glide through the cool water.
You do not need to be a "writer" to let yourself share your words with the world.
You do not need to be a "dancer" or "athlete" to move your body energetically.
You do not need to be one of the "brave ones" to move past your fears.
You do not need permission to allow yourself to play and feel joy.
You do not need a PhD to work towards healing, both in your body and in your community.
Begin where you are.