Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a hike down the valley

Our house is built partway into a south facing hill, just beyond the yard is a steep narrow valley, more of a glen really.  We hadn't taken a good wander down there recently, and today seemed just the day for it.

 This shallow sandstone cave is a favorite destination

 This area where it widens out is covered in jewelweed.
 The girls climbed down into a dry creek bed and were completely hidden from view by the fallen logs.

 One of the few places down here where you can actually see much sky.

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  1. Love the dresses! :) What a fun place to go and not even have to leave home! We live in the country too, but we only have farm fields around our house.

  2. Ooooh I would very much like to play in those woods. What a wonderful place for adventures and creative play.

  3. YOu live where you can walk to caves? Oy. :) Reminds me of my childhood -- miss that for my guys.

  4. Stunning! I wish I had such a place for wandering, looks like you know exactly how to enjoy your space.


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