Thursday, October 28, 2010

The wind has mellowed

This very windy week has been full of baking and halloween prep.  S helped me make praline bars with spelt flour and home-made gluten-free pizza. Yummm.

C got a chance to help demonstrate in her aikido class, and was very proud of herself.  This is her second month studying aikido, and she looooves it.  She happily goes to her classes twice a week.  When she first told me she was interested in taking a class of this type, I was hesitant.  She tends to throw herself into things full force at first and then lose interest very quickly.  Plus, it was a choice between this and an acting class she had wanted to take for a long time (I can't afford both).  But C knew for herself what she wanted, and I have seen her gain a lot of confidence in herself throughout this process.  Yay, I'm proud of her.

It's chilly out, but the wind has finally died down.  No more tree limbs flying through the backyard, so S is out digging in the dirt, right after taking a bath.  I guess we didn't time that very well ;-)  Yesterday, when the wind was still fierce, the girls were out chasing chickens and checking out a llama (who happens to share a name with S).  This was at another homeschooling family's house just out of town.  There were even chickens carried into the house several times, which the hostess handled with good humor.  I'm thankful for the great community of homeschoolers we have here in Madison!

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