Saturday, December 18, 2010

star lanterns

 C and S had a very painty day recently.  They started with wet-on-wet watercolor...
 Then tried wet-on-dry...

Then, when C became frustrated with the "softness" and unpredictability of watercolor, we brought out the tempra paint.  She finally painted a house the way she wanted it.  S was busy mixing colors most of the time.
We took two of the wet-on-wet paintings and turned them into star lanterns, thanks to this lovely tutorial.

 There has been a lot of making going on around here.  Since I let myself off the hook for hand-made gifts last week, I have found more time (and inspiration) for a few little doings.  Also, C has been helping me sew cloth gift bags to wrap the store-bought presents in :-)
Happy making to all of you crafty elves out there!

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  1. Love these lanterns. I really like watercolours but you have to be led by them. Tempera is just the thing when you know what you want to do. xx


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