Monday, December 30, 2013

Solstice and Christmas (Part I)

We are very easy going about gift giving in our family.  The girls get their presents from us on Solstice and a little something waiting in their stockings to be discovered when we get home from holiday visiting.
Camille and Sylvia each received a mama-made doll when they were 3, so naturally it was Ayla's turn.  I think she was quite pleased!  

Camille's doll, Ella, and Sylvia's doll, Emma, got new outfits and were happy to welcome Violet into the family.

On Solstice evening we had a small fire out in the snow and ice.  We wrote love notes and intentions on scraps of paper and tossed them into the fire to symbolically release them . . . and then we roasted marshmallows, of course.

Camille and Sylvia joined friends in a Christmas play.

Here's Camille playing guitar and singing Peace Like a River.  I think I need to work on my cinematography skills, though :)

 Ayla was happy to watch her sisters and friends up on the stage and to rejoin them afterwards.

Christmas finery

After several inches of snowfall, Papa had to clear off the solar panels.  The days are ever-so-slowly lengthening and although it is bitter cold outside, the sun's power is heating the floors of our house and the fire in the woodstove is making up the difference.  Add in some wool socks and a sweater and it's down right cozy 'round here.


  1. Looks like a beautiful family Christmas - love the dolls - they are bright and funky! Your little Ayla looks made up with hers xx

  2. I LOVE you doll tradition...such sweet and beautiful gifts. and OH MY how everyone has grown!!! As usual I am behind on my blog reading and just spent 6 straight hours playing catch up on writing my own blog. Your blog is my first choice to now go sit and read. I love reading your blog Nikole and even though I may not pop in all that regularly I think of you all often.


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