Monday, April 21, 2014

4th birthday! (and yet more snow)

Last week, just as little seedlings in trays were brightening up the windows and it seemed like spring had come to stay, we got another big snow storm.

  Well, I guess it's time to make a snowduck,
 with echinacea seedheads for eyes and a tangerine bill.
 There's some green out there to admire.

No amount of snow was going to dampen the joy of Ayla's fourth birthday. We celebrated simply with the family.  Ayla got a homemade card from Sylvia and a felt giraffe that Camille designed and sewed for her.
The giraffe was later named Marigold Silver and lovingly brought around for little adventures in the yard.

 I had made her rainbow wings, a unicorn hat, and a prairie girl dress and pinafore to add to her beloved dress-up collection

 She enthusiastically took flight around the yard as a rainbow unicorn pegasus prairie girl!

Camille had a play rehearsal for Macbeth with the homeschool group, so we had a delicious birthday lunch at the natural foods co-op in town and browsed the local yarn store where Ayla declared every single skein in the store to be sooo beautiful.
She wanted a store-bought cake for the first time and decided that this s'mores cake with cherries and sprinkles was just the one.
 This funny, loving, spritely little one has such a creative (and enthusiastic) way of learning about and interacting with her world and the people and animals in it.  I am so grateful to see her smile first thing in the morning and to feel her little arms snuggle me tightly last thing before sleep.  I love being her Mama and sharing this life with her and her sisters and Papa.

Happy fourth birthday, Miss Ayla Fern!


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