Thursday, March 5, 2015

February ~ a month of Yes!

I'm not one to glorify being busy. I place a lot of value on downtime, time for quiet introspection, for pursing learning and creative expression in our own unique, individual ways. That being said, after hibernating through a good portion of January, when February hit we were ready for a month of YES! Do you want to go to book club, Lego club, hiking, visit the pet store, a Candyland Dance, rollerskating, to tour the movie theater, go to the park? Yes, yes, and yes (pics on last blog post). How about another book club, a Valentine's Dance, a potluck, a playdate, have friends sleep over, make rainbow cake, a presentation on the Science of Water at the nature reserve, more rollerskating, celebrate Sylvia's birthday at Wizard Quest, meet friends at the Children's Museum, check out the ice sculptures, go out for ice cream, decorate the house for your sister's birthday, go to a performance by Lightwire Theater and then out for crepes? OK, let's roll. I even got out of the house without children for a Red Carpet-themed birthday party for one of my best friends. February fairly exhausted me, in all of the best kind of ways. 

*photo borrowed from a friend

Wizard Quest was everything my girls hoped it would be and more. There were puzzles to solve, clues to find, hidden doors and secret rooms, big slides that came out in unknown places, tunnels, mirrors, and a ball pit trap, with wizards to free in each of the four realms, earth, air, water, and fire.

Well, that's one way to make it through one of the coldest February's in recorded history with sanity (mostly) intact. 

Hello, March. I wonder what you have in store. 


  1. What a wonderful month! Sometimes being busy is good........hope you can fit some downtime into March!

  2. Thanks, sustainablemum! With the weather warming up, we're looking forward to a lot of time to just wander and explore the woods and fields again.


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