Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday ~ a random day in this unschooling life

We slept in late. All three of the girls played My Singing Monsters together on Camille's tablet and requested oatmeal with frozen blueberries for breakfast. Camille gave the ducklings (that live in a brooder in her room) food and fresh water, then did the same for the hens, ducks, and geese that free-range in the yard. Ayla and I collected eggs from the coop and hung the laundry on the line while Sylvia and Camille took some of the young ducklings out in the yard to nibble grass for the first time.

 While last night's lentil/cauliflower/grass-fed beef concoction reheated in the crock pot, all three girls played My Singing Monsters again, this time on the main computer, and worked on breeding their monsters to create new species.

We dropped off Camille and her saxophone at the local public school for band class and played at the park. Sylvia and Ayla swung while I read some of the fourth Harry Potter book aloud.

After a quick bathroom stop, we went to a different park and watched a bald eagle circle the pond while we had snacks. Sylvia found a toad at the water's edge and tested the wind direction by throwing bits of dried grass and milkweed seeds in the air.

Camille and three of her friends walked over to the rec center to hang out (play pool, sing karaoke, craft, chat, ... or whatever it is they did today), while I took Sylvia and Ayla to Lego club at the library where they met up with more friends. I worked on a pair of legwarmers that I am knitting for Camille and chatted with the adults.

After picking up Camille and dropping her friends at their houses, we headed home for dinner. Then, Camille and her Papa took off to the bike path for a long bike ride while Sylvia and Ayla dug up clay from the yard and played with the mud they made from the water at the well pump.

After they cleaned up, they ate popcorn and toast with frosting on it for a quick snack/treat. Since it was warm and windy we decided to fly a kite out in the field, and stayed out as the sun was setting. Sylvia went in and watched Lab Rats while Ayla and I took the clothes off the line. Ayla drew pictures and organized her art supplies while Sylvia put fresh sheets on her bed.

When Camille and Papa got home from their 15-mile bike ride, Camille practiced Spanish on Duolingo and skyped with a friend. Sylvia and Ayla ate carrots, took showers, and made up tongue twisters. Papa played around with learning how to create animation on the computer. I saw a link for Incredible Egg Geodes that a friend posted on facebook, and decided that my girls would probably like to try that tomorrow. Now, I know I have alum somewhere around here from when we dyed our own yarn. I'm soon off to dig through some bins to find it for the geodes.

It's been requested that I read more Harry Potter later tonight, otherwise we might play cards or relax and watch shows together (Zoo Diaries or Pure Nature Specials maybe). We don't have a set bedtime but if Papa goes to bed before us, which he usually does, we will brush teeth and have quiet time after that.

It's soon time to unwind for the evening and get ready to see what tomorrow has in store.


  1. Phew that is a lot in one day! I know when I write it all down I am amazed too!

    1. Some days it seems like we didn't do much, but when I look at the details it all adds up!

  2. I have become a regular reader of your blog posts. thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Sridhar! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you are here. :)

  3. Oh I Love It!!!! Such a great day and pictures! I agree that they learn so much just doing what interests them :-)


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