Saturday, May 2, 2015

just because (part I)

This post is just because it's our life, and it's beautiful, and it's messy, and it's good, and sometimes it's hard, and it's spring in Wisconsin...and I definitely take too many pictures. Oh, and Ayla turned five somewhere in there. They're growing up.
because our yard birds are laying plentifully

because Ayla fearlessly feeds the hens, ducks, and geese

because Sylvia drew an illustration from the Goblet of Fire

because she hoops

because the geese aren't sure what to think of the youngest ducklings

because the ducklings especially love Camille

because Sylvia made lunch and did a better job than I usually do

because they love to climb

because these braided sheets will eventually become a large rug

because our homeschool group hosts a fun folk dance/potluck

because it's getting bigger

because the Hello Kitty Lego set was her favorite birthday present

because Sylvia has mastered 500 piece puzzles

because, well, it's darn cute

 because she wanted a store boughten cake this year

 because Ayla had a birthday sleepover with facepaints...
 and a water fight...
 and homemade flubber...

 and more water fights

just because, sisters 
(and 'cause Camille is selective about the camera being aimed in her direction these days)

 because Ayla wanted to meet friends at Wizard Quest for her birthday celebration

 because it's an animatronic dragon

 because new masks are such fun

 because they were solemnly receiving their quest

because the magic of the quest caused all photos to be blurry

To be continued...because my posts can get quite lengthy....


  1. My daughter Naia used to love doing puzzles i guess when she was about 4. Your post got me thinking about why she doesn't do them anymore and I think I figured it out. She has a 2 year old (almost 3) brother who wrecks everything. He was a baby then. Poor Naia. I wish we had a homeschool group like yours. I should look harder. I know there are a lot but most are super christian and too big...

  2. We are part of two different homeschool groups, but we are super selective about what we participate in because most activities are 30 miles (or more) away from us...and because we are kinda homebodies. A good homeschool group that suits your family is probably worth seeking out, but, Megan, your family seems to be so active and busy checking out the resources around you that you might not need it. We've definitely checked out some groups that weren't a good fit for us.

  3. So much yes to this! The photos, the words, it's all fantastic. Your braided rug looks amazing...I love the colors. The pics of your farm animals and your kids playing are adorable.
    We belonged to a decent size homeschool group for a couple of years, but branched off on our own. I love hanging out just the 4 of us. We also attended a homeschool co-op for about 4-5yrs, but didn't go back this semester. I needed a break from teaching there, waking early, packing lunches, etc. I think we keep pretty busy on our own and still have time to hang out with friends.

  4. Thanks so much, Darcel!

    I have found that my family is happier, calmer, and we learn more of what interests us, when we don't over-schedule ourselves, even with group 'educational' activities.


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