Monday, November 16, 2015

October's endings ~ in photos

October 25 - 31

This life, living and learning with my three daughters and their Papa, is by turns glorious and mundane, messy and beautiful, challenging and oh-so-simple. Not even by turns. All at once, ordinary and sparkly fully encompassed in these unschooling days. We read books, play, eat, tidy, dance, shout, watch shows, listen to music, run and climb, create and volunteer, discuss and rest. Living life at it's own pace. Learning happens at each child's pace, with regard's to each child's interests. 

And since I'm sharing it at my own pace, here's the last of October's pics, including Halloween dress-up fun. :)

 frosted pumpkin cookies
rollerskating with our girl scout troop

playing at the county park that we visit a couple of times each week

making ripples, watching them make patterns

Throwing stones in a creek is educational, right?
"Mama, it looks like sound waves overlapping."

farmscape photo by Sylvia

Sometimes you gotta dance, like nobody's watching...

my love

Friday afternoon playdate, pre-Halloween

5-year-old country girls

drummin' on the woodpile

carryin' firewood

Friday evening fun

a pair o' pirates

decorating beautiful turban squash with loads of glitter

a spooky fun walk through a historic cemetery

a pirate and her pet gourd

All Hallow's Eve
"I'm a Victorian Gothic Princess. This is authentic."

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