Monday, December 21, 2015

'Tis the Season

Dec 1 - 12

Oh, how full our days are this time of year! I guarded against excessive busyness when my kids were younger and got easily overwhelmed, but this year it seems to be full speed ahead. Lots of yeses.
We had a sprinkling of snow early in the month, but it's been (relatively) warm and rainy since then.
Mama, can we cut a Christmas tree this year? Yes. Let's!
Camille snapped this shot of Sylvia helping Ayla read from a Dr. Seuss book in the backseat on the way.
 Hey, look. That historic building is having an open house. Do you want to stop in before we cut our tree? Yes!

We visited the historic Boorman House constructed in 1876, which was fully decked for Christmas.

There were rooms to explore, and treats, and carols, and women spinning wool into yarn.

When we got to the tree farm there was much good-natured discussion about just which pine should grace our living room.

It was decided.
We carried it out while singing Christmas is Coming in a loud off-key round. We got the tree on the roof of our car easily, but nearly tied our own legs up in knots trying to secure it with a length of clothesline that we had brought along. It felt like a comedy sketch how hilariously clumsy and inept we were, but we eventually got 'er done.
We stopped to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train as it came through our area collecting food pantry donations and playing a holiday concert. We also enjoyed delicious wood-fired pizza. (Camille has been tolerating a little bit of gluten here and there lately and she declared it well worth it.)

We may have been the only ones giggling, cheering, and dancing wildly, but that's fine with me.

We trimmed the tree in a wild array of colors and ornaments from throughout the years.

We made colorful snowflakes with markers, coffee filters, and a spray bottle of water.

Sylvia lighting advent candles

We attended a fundraiser that included the lighting of a hundred sky lanterns.

We had a few quiet moments here and there.

We took advantage of the warm weather and hiked at our local state park.

Instead of gingerbread houses this year, Sylvia, Ayla, and their friend assembled and decorated a Christmas cookie train.

Even though Camille had declared in the first week of December that she had already used up all of her Christmas cheer for the season, it wasn't long before she bounced back and was volunteering with friends to serve at a library fundraiser "Breakfast with Santa" event.
Sylvia was the only one of my girls who was interested in chatting much with Santa himself.

Mama, can we make play dough? Sure. Should we make it red and green and glittery?

I'll catch up on the second half of the month at some point, but until then Happy Solstice! I am welcoming the returning of the lengthening days.

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  1. rad train! never heard of that or seen anything like it.


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