Wednesday, June 1, 2016

nothin' much

Sometimes after a string of busy days, we really need downtime. On those days we hang out around the house doin' nothin' much. I occasionally scribble down in a notebook what we're actually up to on a such a day, simply to remind myself of the inherent value of this kind of downtime. Last Monday and today were two nothin'-much days. Wanna peek in and see what that looks like around here?

Monday, May 23

We all played with kittens in the morning and were entertained by their antics.

Ayla voice-searched and found free cat care game apps for her tablet and downloaded them. She enjoyed Baby Pet Nursery: Caring Games. Ayla found a dry-erase book and drew a picture that she captioned "Sparks and Ember chillin' at the beach." Then she proceeded to tiptoe-march her way around my room counting to 200 (with some help when she got stuck). Then she traced and copied the numbers 1-20 on the dry-erase book and told me it was her homework. When she finished that she played on a Lego app on her tablet.

Meanwhile Sylvia was listening to an Artemis Fowl audio book and playing Fashion Empire on her tablet. Then she went outside to swing for awhile, played with the kitties some more, and made egg salad sandwiches for lunch. She picked violets and wild mint for backyard tea and sliced lemon and ginger to add to her brew.

Camille had marching band practice in the morning. Back home, she watched some shows on YouTube including SciShow, Good Mythical Morning, and Minute Physics. She played Griddlers and Piano Tiles on her tablet, read several chapter of Red Rising, and started cleaning and kitten-proofing her bedroom.

We all went to the vet to get the kitties checked out at 3:30. From there the day went on, but I didn't continue keeping tabs.

helping / learning from the vet
Tuesday, May 31

In the morning, Sylvia got breakfast and picked out outfits for herself and Ayla. They listened to the Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy audio book together. Camille fed all of the animals, knitted on the pillow she is making for our kittens, and read several chapters of A School for Unusual Girls. We dropped Camille off at band class and went to the park. Some of the topics that came up in conversation were about wind resistance and aerodynamics (in relation to efficient leg-pumping on the swing), gravity and pendulums (as relates to the physics of navigating swinging platforms in the game Swordigo) and flotation, ripples, and wind direction (in relation to fishing a fallen flip-flop out of the lake with long sticks). Seriously, I didn't bring up any of these topics. Sylvia is constantly formulated hypotheses and testing them out in her everyday moments.

We got caught in a sudden downpour and Sylvia and Ayla figured math equations on the fogged windows. We read The Turnip by Jan Brett and stopped at both the library and the post office. Camille started the book Going Bovine for next month's library book club. Ayla helped me tidy the living room and Sylvia swept it. Camille took our dog, Carly, for a 3 mile walk.

We had leftovers for lunch. Sylvia played Moy 3 on her tablet. Ayla started illustrating a story that she wanted to write. She asked me to write out her words in pencil and she traced them with a marker. Ayla chose orange, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils for the diffuser. I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes.

At 3:00 I dropped Camille off so that she could hang out with her group of friends when they finished school. I jumped on the trampoline with Ayla and Sylvia. They jumped rope, chased chickens, checked the mail and eagerly browsed through our latest copy of Juno Magazine to find photos of themselves on page 13. (I'm proud of my article on The Importance of Play for this issue's home ed column!) I picked Camille up at 6:00. We listened to music while she dried and put away the dishes. She chose Hank Green's album So Jokes. My choices ranged from Arrested Development (3 Years, 5 Months, and 2 Days in the Life of...) to Cat Stevens (Tea for the Tillerman) to South African hymns (Siyahamba).

After dinner, I chatted with Papa while the girls did their own things. Sylvia read and searched the picture puzzles in Can You See What I See? Once Upon a Time. Around 9:00 the girls and I played a couple of rounds of Suspend and danced in the living room before everyone brushed their teeth and got ready for bed.

*Mama and Sparks, photo by Camille   *Camille and Ember, photo by Ayla           

As ever, I'm grateful for this simple life, thankful that days of doin' nothin' much with my family could feel so rewarding.

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