Saturday, December 17, 2016

October ~ part I

 haircuts and getting ready for a Homecoming dance

  Oh, my stars!
I'm going to be sappy here for a minute. This young teen was born at home. She breastfed and co-slept until she was ready to be done. She attended school for less than a year of her life. She's intense and thoughtful, funny and sincere. She loves to learn about science. She loves to read, and draw, and write. She doesn't enjoy loud noises, interrupted plans, geography, or team sports. She has challenged and enriched my life in so many ways. I am honored to be her mother. My baby girl is growing up. 

 soaking up October sunshine

 When you have warm weather in October in Wisconsin, it is wise to soak it up while you can. Snowy weather isn't too far off.
  "Mama, can I get muddy?"
 "Of course, but that water is going to feel cooooold."
 "That's ok. I can handle it."

  our classroom for the day

weekly library volunteer gig

 "Look, Sparks likes the scarf I crocheted for him!"

diggin' up carrots

We drove the 50-mile Farm/Art DTour to enjoy the roadside art and pasture performances. 

 beans, seeds, and bottlecaps

 Artesian well
 a music and dance performance at the red piano

 We all took a turn.

  climbing in Ableman's Gorge

 Sylvia and I even participated in a flash mob. We learned the moves ahead of time from a series of videos that were posted in Youtube. It was so much fun.

Who Are You?
 This art installation had an pile of permanent markers and an invitation to answer the question.


 observing biochar production

Not only did we greatly enjoy the art-meets-agriculture scenic route and interactive installations, but we got to try garlic-flavored chocolate and two different kinds of fermented soda. So much weird goodness. Or good weirdness. Either one. 

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