Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September ~ Part II

Sept. 4

Buckhorn State Park

Sept. 5
 "Not back to school" pic from Ayla's first day of 2nd grade and Sylvi's first day of 5th grade (both unschooled) and Cam's last free day before high school (full-time schooled-student for the first time in 6 years).

What a beautiful day for a trail ride and we got back to the stables just as the rain started to fall.

horse treats
candy shop treats
Sept. 6
Cam ~ first day of highschool

 metal + vinegar ~ day 1

from the overgrown garden


wild hazelnuts

Sept. 7
hazelnut harvest
Sept. 9

henna + glitter

Mississippi River

We're just over here living a life of quiet, simple adventures ... interspersed with doctor's appointments and farmers' markets, computer games and book learnin'. My house is messy but my heart is full. It's all a work in progress

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