Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sept ~ Part IV

A week's worth of unschooling and embracing life's simple moments and ordinary adventures...

Sept. 17

Cam in the Wo Zha Wa parade

Sept. 18
Ayla's first crossword

family art workshop
tile coasters

Sept. 19
Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Sept. 21
alcohol ink and Sharpie on ceramic tile ~ 4 x 4"

Sept. 22
  a sprinkler on the trampoline

Sept. 23
apple saucin' with Sylvi

drip castles at Mill Bluff State Park

Not pictured: most of life, Minecraft and Mythbusters, homemade soup and chocolate-covered hazelnuts, back aches and kitchen remodel in progress, Nancy Drew computer games and Sisters Grimm books, playdates with piglets and sugar gliders, organic Amish farm stands and alpaca fiber farms, giggles, tears, and muddy back seats . . . .


  1. We are going to the Ren fest in a couple of weeks too! I haven't been in years (how long it takes to save up to go). Still swimming? it's been HOT here too :(

  2. It hasn't been hot exactly, but we swim as long as their hardy li'l bodies want to in the fall, before winter hits us. Have fun at the Ren fest! <3


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