Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mamas make music

We put the garden to rest for the year...pulled old plants, harvested cabbage, beets, kale, and a few hardy ground cherries.  We also planted four rows of garlic.  I forgot how much I love getting my hands dirty, and the smell of rich soil.  Since I have been focusing on baby A (and the new dynamics of life with three girls) so much this year, I haven't spent as much time in the garden as I am used to.  I remember when I first got my community garden plot, I had visions of our family happily planting and digging up worms together, but alas, C doesn't like to get her hands dirty, and S is just starting to understand which plants she is Not supposed to step on.  However, S enjoys the experience, A is content most anywhere, and C is allowed the choice to stay home and watch TV (oh well).  And we have a new pet woolly bear caterpillar.  I wonder what they like to eat?  (....if you're ever wondering how to care for your woolly bear, there's a comprehensive site here.)

We also went to our good friend Ronda's house.  She has two girls, ages 10 and 5, that my girls are always excited to see.  Ronda and I try to get together a couple times a month, on the weekends, to "play music".  What this usually entails is walking our kids to the park so they can run around for awhile (today they collected silver maple leaves), then setting them up with some snacks while we bring out the guitar and drum.  Then we play some folk, bluegrass, and Grateful Dead songs, with lots of breaks to chat, nurse the baby, and help the kids if they need it.  We are never going to be the next up-and-coming folk duo, but what I love about this ritual is that it gives us a good excuse to make time in our busy lives to do something we enjoy, and to connect, for us and for our girls.  We have been playing music together since before either of us had any children, and I'm glad we still do.
C and her good friend, D

Mamas make music (pic by C)

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