Wednesday, November 24, 2010

S had so much fun climbing up on the kitchen table and helping bathe her baby sister this morning.  There were a lot of giggles from both of them.  It's fun for me to see A getting old enough to interact more with her big sisters.  C and S have always given her lots of attention and love and kisses, and now she can kiss them back.  A is also using sign language to let me know when she wants to nurse.  She signs "milk" (just a fist opening and closing repeatedly), and even says "ma-ma".

C had been very moody for a couple of days, and now has regained her spirits, but she wants to spend several hours each day not speaking and communicating only with signs.  This has been frustrating S until today, when I have been more active in making a game out of it, and being their "translator".  (They both know many signs from watching the Signing Time videos from the library.)

C has been wanting to follow the drainage ditch by our community garden plot since the summertime, but for one reason or another it hadn't happened yet.  Leave it to us, to finally go on this little adventure on a very chilly, windy day.  C went through each culvert while S and I crossed over on the roads and met her on the other side.  We followed it until it was too deep to cross without getting wet in one direction, and until we saw a culvert with bars across in the other direction.
S enjoyed riding in the jogging stroller even over the bumpy terrain.
We made it home before the rain came down, and now it feels so cozy to be in our nice warm house.

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