Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 'punk featherheads' becoming accepted by the flock
 These poor featherhead chickens were isolated for awhile to heal from the effects of the other chickens pulling out their wild head feathers.  We painted their bald spots with Blue Kote to discourage more pecking and to promote healing.  It also had the side effect of dying their feathers a funky purple since gentian violet is one of the main ingredients.  They now co-exist peacefully with the rest of the flock.

a vintage cooperative game becoming a family favorite
Sylvia is being awarded the title Organic Farmer of the Year with this pin from the game Back to the Farm by Animal Town Game Co.

carrots becoming entwined

corn, bean and squash seeds becoming food

cucumber becoming pickled

organic cream shaken in jar becoming butter

peaches becoming peach crisp

a roll of 50 pennies becoming a timeline from 1967 to 2009
dull pennies becoming shiny

Camille got a roll of pennies from the library summer reading program and spent a long time putting them all in order and figuring out how old some of them were (unschooling math).  We talked about some of the different things that happened in some of the years (unschooling history). She proceeded to take the oxidation off of the raised parts of this one using a pencil eraser.  Then she moved on to lemon juice to shine some up, and baking soda paste.  We also read that cola, ketchup, hot sauce, and vinegar all remove the oxidation as well (unschooling science).  I never quite know what's going to catch the attention of my girls.  I just try to be there and offer up helpful info and/or suggestions when something does.  "Wanna make one shiny?" 

Other examples:  Sylvia and Ayla are really into Moon Sand right now.  "I wonder what makes that Moon Sand hold together when squeezed..." (It's cornstarch)  "Wanna make some of our own next time?" (recipe).  From there it's a natural progression to making watermelon playdough or gak.

I wrote a similar, less wordy post a couple of months ago and ended it like this:  

It's all in process.  The end product may be the goal, but enjoying the process makes for a great life.

  I'd like to make this a regular (monthly?) theme on my blog and share what things (little and big) that are in process in our family.  I might even try to figure out how to use one of those linky things if anyone would like to join me....

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  1. Love, love this post. :) So many wonderful things.
    Mostly you've reminded me to go slowly and mindfully. Thank you. ♥


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