Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last week we went to a birthday celebration for Camille's sweetheart.  He thought the bracelet Camille made him was "awesome".  

  'parachute' play with a tapestry

 a game with lightsabers cleverly made from pool noodles

 cake and waterballoons
 I think 9-year-old sweethearts are quite lovely really.  They have had this kind of relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) for about a year-and-a-half now.  I've heard other moms say out loud (to my daughter, even) that girls her age cannot have a boyfriend.  That it's wrong.  I don't quite get what the fear is, but I've written about that before.  Love is Good.

And Camille and I are eagerly awaiting our Harry Potter Adventure next weekend.  The tickets came to us by owl.

But this weekend has been pretty low-key.  Papa has been working on framing walls, I have been relaxing, gardening/cooking, and playing, and the girls have been playing in the clubhouse, putting on an 80's fashion show in the living room, rollerskating, and playing on the computer.
 Apparently, when I have extra time on a not-too-busy weekend, I like to spin and spin 'til I almost fall over. I remember as a young girl about Camille's age, I would spin with my friends until we were quite giddy and spin-drunk.  I guess it still has that affect on me :)  I dare you to try it!
 *photos by Camille

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