Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ugg...weary...and yet....

OK, I won't lie, I'm weary of winter. February is almost over and everything is covered in deep ice and snow and I want it to be gone.  I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday and whacked my kneecap against the car. Various family members have been feeling low, whether from sickness and fever or from restlessness and lack of outdoor warmth.

Our plans were cancelled so often for thundering ice storms or blustering snow accumulation that even my introverted self felt a little isolated.  The more extroverted among us felt it more deeply.
And yet ... there's beauty intertwined with it all.  There's the warm maple-y smell of granola baking in the oven.
There's time for a sleepover for Camille and her friend,
while Sylvia and Ayla have their own sister sleepover in the living room.

There's the start of a new project...

and admiring the deer,
and spying our first robin of the year.  
Surely, he thinks spring can't be that far off, and the migrating geese seem to be in agreement.

We made a trip into the city to run errands and be with some favorite-est friends to blow off some of our cabin fever.
Camille was able to give the mittens that she knit to their intended recipient and he loved them.

Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly, (which made the episode of carsickness on the way home worth dealing with).

I know almost nothing about woodworking and furniture making, but there was a stack of repurposed boards calling my name and they are slowly becoming a shelving unit for our playroom. Papa used a table saw to cut them all to uniform length for me and I'm trying my hand at creating an almost 8 ft. tall by 8 ft. wide unit that will have a rod for dress up clothes to hang on, as well as hooks, a spot to slide bins into, and a removable shelf for taller items. I'm hoping to get a little more organized with all of our games, puzzles, books, craft supplies, etc.
*photo by Camille


I can say that I'm both weary of February and making the best of it anyway.  Even while there is a deep longing for springtime, there is a stillness here now that invites connection in the home. I can appreciate the child sitting on my lap on the rocking chair in front of the woodstove. I can connect during long stretches of time for playing board games and math games and rediscovering old favorite computer games (Fidget). I can revel in the mess of tangled, snuggling limbs that is my cozy bed in February.  Every girl in the house has been falling asleep in my bed watching DragonflyTV and Design Squad (on PBSKids on the Roku) every night this week. There is a feeling of hibernation, of creative ideas simmering just below the surface.  While we are awaiting the thaw, there is a need to dig a little deeper for gratitude (for me), but it's there. 



  1. Camille is growing up!!!! Spring will be here soon. Well I don't know about up north, but it should get there eventually :)

  2. Beautiful post that captures this winter perfectly, arduous and wonderful. Yesterday I turned the heat waaaaay up to 71 and just enjoyed it for the day. We walked around in tank tops, the cats lounged around like they were in the tropics. Anything to get through to spring!

  3. Nikole, do you think Camille would be at all interested in having a pen pal?? Eliza is longing to write *real letters* to a friend (she emails with a few friends but loves the real deal), and in brainstorming I thought about Camille, so she looked at posts you've written (does this sound like online dating?! er...) and thought she seemed pretty neat and someone she'd like to know. Maybe you could have her take a look at our life through the blog and see if she is interested? and i don't know if it makes it better or worse, but ohio has had the heaviest winter we've experienced since we moved here! everything is cancelled. i think we're starting to thaw this week, but i'm not getting my hopes up too high...

  4. Camille would love to have Eliza as a penpal! ( dating ;)

  5. Yay! If you email me at we can exchange addresses and they can GO!

  6. I'm feelin' the weariness too. I'm ready to come out of hibernation. But the sweet babe helps remind me there is a season for everything and this rest passes too quickly.


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