Wednesday, March 5, 2014

wrapping up February

  Camille and I worked on our shelving unit, measuring and figuring and designing and drilling and refiguring and screwing it all together.

Sylvia and Ayla helped with the final wash down.

We tried out some science fun by electrifying gelatin.  We keep flavored gelatin on hand to add to our homemade playdough. When we brought a static-charged balloon near it, the powder jumped around and created little vertical chains hanging down from the balloon and standing up from the plate.

 We had some beautiful purple potatoes that were growing eyes in the pantry, so we planted the eyes in old ice cream buckets and baked the rest of the potatoes with cheese on top. We must be anticipating spring because we have a slowly growing kitchen scrap garden on the window sill.
  celery and garlic

We spent an afternoon with local friends.  The kids prepped dinner (salad, fresh butter shaken in a jar, and cheese grated for a yummy layered enchilada). 
 Sylvia playing a didgeridoo
mini marshmallow and toothpick sculpture ~ photo by Camille

That about wraps up our February, except for ... a certain last day of February birthday ....

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