Monday, June 23, 2014

photo scavenger hunt

My kids asked for a scavenger hunt one day.  With 7 1/2 years between the oldest and the youngest, it's exciting to find activities that they all can enjoy together and this was a decided success. Camille took the photos, Sylvia marked off the categories, and Ayla used the magnifying glass to look closely at things. They worked together to find the items.
 The instructions: Take a photo of something from each category. Bonus for more than one thing in 3 or more categories. Super bonus if you find 10 things in a single category. Be creative.

 ...and they're off.

Camille enjoyed helping me make collages for most of the categories. Some things fit into more than one category.

red and edible

that can fly
chicken and variety of insects

yellow and plastic
chair, laundry basket, gas can, shovel handle, sand toys, baseball bat, table leg, beach ball, broken bucket handle

that a faerie would enjoy
mushrooms, bark hideaway, moss, heart-shaped leaves, small flowers

that smells good
flowers, lavender, pine needles, pineapple weed, cocoa bean mulch

purple and round
clover, toy cement mixer, handles

taller than the house
( I love that they included Sylvia and Ayla in the picture for scale.)

 peace sign, vehicles, fence post, well pump, prying tool and nails


pine needles, thistle

with wheels
  wheel barrow, vehicles, trailer

a stone shaped like a heart

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