Friday, July 4, 2014

sum, sum, summertime

Sometimes I feel like I should have some 'big ideas' and 'words of wisdom' to share in order to post here, but I don't.

Summer is in full swing. So swing we shall! 

Few words, pictures of our everyday joy:

Ayla's strawberry butterfly

friends visiting our duckies and goslings

 duck, duck,
 duck . . .

just Ayla

just runnin'

pickin' elderflowers

elderflower-strawberry-rose petal infused water

activities at Girl Scout camp

gathering before dinner

getting silly-ed up for a Girl Scout Wacky dance!

dress-up joy

the red carpet show



creek hopping

tying fleece blankets to donate to cancer patients

Mill Bluff pond beach

more elderflower (for cordial)

garden gathering

garden pretties

lunch salad (two varieties of lettuce, spinach, cress, amaranth leaves, bok choy, beet greens, basil, and strawberries)

egg collectin'

That is all. Life is good.

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