Tuesday, September 9, 2014

happy distraction

"Don't they know how annoying they are!?" was asked shouted in distress by my oldest, referring to her two younger sisters.

"Since you asked, no. No, they do not know how annoying they are. To you. They are not purposely trying to annoy you. They are loud and exuberant and messy, and you are not in the mood for that. You have options. You might want to find a quiet spot in the yard to read your book. I bet your ducks and geese would love for you to hang out with them. They might not be any quieter, but I doubt that you'll take it as personally," (Or something like that) was my response.

My kids can get on each others' nerves sometimes. They are together more than most. When they do, I try to suggest reasonable solutions, calm frazzled nerves, soothe hurt feelings, and provide an example of respect and kindness. Of course, this doesn't always run picture-perfectly. Sometimes they are not receptive in the moment. Sometimes I'm lacking the patience and the creative solution that matches the situation. Sometimes we just need to go to our favorite swimming hole because the weather is nice.  Seriously, distraction is not just for toddlers having a meltdown. If the mood is off and isn't looking like it's clearing up, we will often just head out. This time I packed up books and knitting and towels and sand toys and a big jar of apple cider. Out the door. To the nearby state park swimmin' hole. Aaaah. Yes.


 ...and harmony is restored. For now.


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