Tuesday, September 27, 2016


September ushered in the start of the school year around here. As unschoolers this doesn't affect us directly but it does signify the change of season and to some extent our schedules shift a bit to include classes of our choosing. As our local friends shared back-to-school photos we commemorated the day with photos too, out in our overgrown garden.

Ayla would be starting 1st grade. She loves to give hugs and snuggles. She loves to sing, play, draw, tell stories, and she absolutely is the first to offer comfort and encouragement to anyone who is feeling down.

Sylvia would be going into 4th grade. She loves to cook, garden, and dance. She has a crazy infectious giggle and an impressive vocabulary. She loves stories and has a fantastic memory but she prefers audio books over reading on her own.

Camille would be starting 8th grade, but she is taking her first college course (not-for-credit on evolutionary genetics). She enjoys playing saxophone in the local high school band for the second year in a row and loves music in general. She's deeply interested in science, but doesn't like geography at all and hates maps for some unknown reason. 

The following photos are from Sept. 1st - 6th. We adore this unschooling life.
Ayla got creative and decorated wax paper sandwich bags for a picnic.
Sylvia and Camille copied pictures of a manatee's anatomy from the book The X-ray Picture Book of Amazing Animals.

While Camille was at band practice Sylvia, Ayla, and I snacked on pickled dilly beans and admired the Lemonweir River.

The next day, we spent the entire afternoon on the Kickapoo River. We canoed and kayaked for 5 hours, mostly without encountering another human. It was divine.

garden goodness abounds

chamomile blossoms

cooking down to preserve tomato sauce

prepping pickled dilly beans

admiring book art at the library

admiring the coloration on butterfly wings

My third home education column was published in Juno Magazine.

...and a little science humor to top it off.

I'm feeling ever grateful for this creative, messy life.


  1. Lovely post Nikole :) It must still be warm where you are?

  2. Lovely post Nikole :) It must still be warm where you are?

    1. Thanks Zion! Our autumn weather has a lot of fluctuation, but this year it has been really lovely and warm (when it's not raining:)


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