Sunday, October 2, 2016

photo glimpses

Here's a few images from our unschooling lives, September 7 - 11.
Sylvia's self-portrait (above)
and cross-section of mitochondria (below)

Ayla's family portraits
(above and below)

Camille's continuing study of anatomy 
with The Anatomy Coloring Book

my first painting commission!

Jupiter Zeus Goose

a picnic and storytime with the companion book to A Wrinkle in Time

gardening in the rain

just gardening in the rain

play date
tree swing
country style
overgrown garden

my sweet family seeing me off on the train
for my first time travelling without kiddos in 14 years
I'm not sure we'll get very far with this handcar
through the Amtrak window as the sun goes down, alone

stay tuned . . . .

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