Tuesday, July 24, 2012

9th birthday!

Camille recently turned 9.  We celebrated at a beautiful state park and invited out a few families to share in the celebration.  We grilled out hamburgers (organic and local) as well as veggie burgers.  We feasted on popcorn, chips, and other snacks, as well as fruit salad and giant pickles, organic lollipops, and of course, cake.

  She was delighted with the thoughtful gifts she received.
 Here she is blowing out the candle sporting a new dress and fancy hair clip :)

Part of our group went hiking and climbing on the boulders while the rest continued to enjoy the beautiful beach.
 Sylvia hiked.
Ayla and I did a bit of both.
 Camille was all about the water.

 We brought T-shirts and dye for tie-dyeing, although I think us mamas were more into it than the kids :).

 It was a beautiful, fun-filled day with just the sort of party to welcome Camille into the next year of her life, a little rain, a lot of sun, togetherness, individual choices, good food, good friends, and a full day of joy!


  1. That tie-dye does look fun! Looks like Camille had a great day :-)

  2. What a lovely celebration. Happy Birthday, Camille!

  3. awesome place to have a party! and she looks so different in that pic of her blowing out the candles....maybe she's just getting older.

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