Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hitting limits and reconnecting

 Today was rough for me.  I felt drained by the dry dry, hot hot weather we've been experiencing.  The overwhelm of keeping up with the house and the girls on the tail-end of Papa's emergency surgery, week-long hospital stay, and slow recovery.  He called from work just to check in and I burst into an outpouring of tears and emotions.  I felt like I've been holding up and meeting everyone's needs, but it just hit the point of being unsustainable.  Luckily, some of our busyness has mellowed out and Papa is well on the way to recovery.

Camille finished her final performance of Music Man, Jr. this weekend, and it was so much fun for her.  The cast got a standing ovation and she couldn't be prouder.  However, after 6 nights out of 7 of performances (including tech night), I think she's a bit relieved its over, I know I am.

 Life has actually been quite good.  I've been getting help in the garden :)
 and with making a giant batch of pesto.

 The girls are constantly busy learning and playing and sharing and struggling and eating and laughing and ...
fancy cowgirl and origami
We went to a farm party a couple of nights ago at our friends' cranberry bog.  There was swimming and music-playing, yummy food, campfire, tents, floating lanterns, a trapeze, the northern lights, singing bullfrogs, and great company.

Even with all of this goodness going on, I still have to recognize when I've just hit my limit of 'holding up'.  The constancy of being present and available to nurture and care for multiple beings even in a joyful life can be overwhelming at times.

So, instead of cleaning this messy house and making a nice dinner, I spent two hours playing in the hose and running around with my girls in the yard.  It was sooooo much fun.  We danced and laughed and leapt and encouraged each other.  There were limbo contests under the stream of water, leaping contests over the stream of water.  We took turns going through a 'car wash'.  I started out grumpy and teary, but it was transforming.  We cooled off and refreshed and recharged.

It was a reconnection and a joy.
(oooh, Camille just brought me a berry banana soymilk smoothie that she made :)

What do you do when you're feeling burnt out, but can't just immediately take a break from it all?


  1. Community productions rock!

    Yes, definitely know about feeling burnt out.
    I cocoon - retreat, hermitify (?)
    But that's probably only possible for me because I'm a mama of one - not three. But playing in the hose sounds wonderful.

  2. So nice that you found a way to release all the built up stress and tension you were feeling. Being an introvert, time alone is how I rejuvenate. I go up into my room and watch TV or read. And when I'm willing to put out the $, I go get a massage. That hasn't happened in a couple of years though...maybe it's time for that soon.


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