Thursday, July 26, 2012

a quiet week

Camille is spending a week with her grandparents.  She loves to do this every year and is doing back-to-back weeks this year with each set of grands.  So far she has been calling every night and keeping me updated.  She's been snorkeling in the lake and fishing and kayaking.  She also brought her bow-and-arrow along and I'm sure she's been getting plenty of time to practice with it.  Next week Sylvia will go to my in-laws and Camille will be with my parents and it will just be Ayla and us.  Weird.  

I really miss my girls when they are gone, but I appreciate that they get a chance to spend one-on-one time with their grandparents, and that they get a little break from each other.  Things have seemed a bit quiet around here though.
 Our seven-week-old chicks have joined the laying hens and the 'teenagers' outdoors. We carried them out to the coop for the first night so they would get the idea that it is home.
 After beginning their lives indoors in the brooder, they didn't know what to make of the chicken coop and the access to the free-ranging world outside.  At first they didn't want to leave the coop and then they didn't want to go back in, even at night.

Even with the need to establish pecking order, everyone seemed to get along well, except the two poor featherheads.  They were being pecked mercilessly by the other young chicks and had to go back in the brooder-turned-chicken-infirmary until their poor scalps heal and the feathers right in the center of their heads regrow.

Besides chicken-wrangling we've been staying busy crafting, visiting, gardening, and cooking this week.

We had lots of dye left over from Camille's birthday party and have been tie-dyeing anything with a stain on it.

 We made some local friends (mamas, papas, and kiddos alike) and enjoyed a dinner and mud-fest at their house.  We invited them over for tomorrow to do some tie-dyeing.  We still have plenty of dye left, but are running out of stained clothing :)

 Sylvia enjoys helping me cook and is quite careful wielding a sharp kitchen knife.  She's also handy when I have an 18 lb. box of rainier cherries to pit :)
  Plum-cherry cobbler with fresh honey-sweetened whipped cream.  Yum.

 Sylvia, Ayla, and I harvested some early potatoes out of the garden which prompted us to create an all home-grown lunch.

 We sauteed whatever we could harvest from the garden and served it with a side of freshly-laid eggs cooked to each person's preference.  Add in some home-brewed kombucha, and our entire meal, except sunflower oil and sea salt, was produced right here on our land!
Some weeks tend toward busy, loud, on-the-go fun.  Some weeks are more simple.  I don't generally have a strong preference for one over the other, but this quiet week has been restorative and I'm grateful for it.

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  1. I'll just have to live vicariously through your restorative week :-)


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