Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baraboo River Rendezvous

What a busy weekend!  The day after the Harry Potter Adventure, we went to experience a 'living history reenactment of the pre-1840s fur trade era'.
We browsed the fur and leather goods for sale, visited in a teepee,
 and learned how to make fire from this kind gent and his granddaughter.  He made it look so easy and natural.  Simply strike the hardened steel against a sharpened agate, catch the spark on a piece of char cloth, enfold the cloth with some frayed hemp rope, and blow.  He also showed us how to make char cloth by placing scraps of cotton cloth in a tin with a small hole and letting it smolder in the fire until the cotton has 'degassed' and turned black.  So naturally we bought a little fire starter kit from him to get our own started, complete with steel, agate, char cloth, rope, and a tin to keep it all in.

 We enjoyed fry bread tacos and freshly brewed root beer.

 The children all circled up for a candy cannon.  Several pounds of hard candy were packed in a tube in the ground with some clumps of dirt and grass to pack it in.  The candies were shot dramatically into the air and gathered by the children.

 The older girls wandered and shopped while Ayla, Papa, and I watched an archery tournament.  They came back with a stone ring and a bobcat tail purchased with the last of Camille's birthday money :)

 At home that evening, Camille and I naturally set out to make fire.  We struck and struck the steel and stone together.  Nothing.  We struck some more.  When we were able to create sparks they refused to land on the char cloth.  So... we struck and struck some more, until...
 What a satisfying skill to master.  Fire!

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  1. that looks so fun! I've never heard of a candy cannon! Neat :-)


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