Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NOT back to school

Yesterday, we drove into the city for an unschooling gathering, the annual Not-Back-to-School potluck.
 The food was delicious and the company was delightful.
 So, here's what Camille's first day of 4th grade and Sylvia's first day of kindergarten looked like ... five hours of feasting, favorite friends, games, park play, woods exploration, and creativity.
 I always love seeing the mixed ages of children coming together.  In this case, some of the teenagers on down to the five-year-olds arranged themselves in a circle to play telephone.
Ayla napped on a blanket in the shade for nearly half of the time and Sylvia and Camille free-ranged with their friends, so I actually had some uninterrupted time to chat with other unschooling parents.  What a luxury!  I'm sure as the girls get older, this will seem more and more normal, but I did not take it for granted one bit, as I am usually following Ayla around the playground and/or needing to be more present for Sylvia and Camille.

 After stopping at our favorite ice cream shop for some cones to cool us off and picking up Papa from work, we headed back out of the city.  The car ride was peaceful,
 and we got home just as a thunderstorm was brewing.  (This is about 2 hours before sunset).

As unschoolers, this wasn't really the first day of kindergarten or 4th grade, it was simply another day in this adventure of learning, loving, creating, exploring, moving, resting, and sharing that is our life.

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  1. I am never more thankful for the life we've chosen than during back to school season. Looks like a wonderful "just another day" for you all!


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