Saturday, September 1, 2012

Harry Potter Adventure

Camille, Ayla, and I went adventuring today in Hogwarts style.  Since the town of Reedsburg was well protected by Memory Charms, it was safe to wear Wizard attire.
We were so pleased to run into other homeschooling families with which to participate in the quest!  We solved games, created crafts, and searched for various places around town to answer questions in a trivia/scavenger hunt.
We worked cooperatively to solve Wizard Concentration,

followed our Marauder's Map to visit spectacular creatures at the Magical Menagerie,

and stopped by the Starry Prophesier, among other activities.  At one point, a couple of our young wizards ducked into a nearby store to avoid the troll who would demand either a galleon coin or their lives.  High stakes indeed!  Luckily galleons were available at Gringotts Bank and Nearly Headless Nick was handing them out freely.

This full day culminated in a quidditch match involving several teams of young wizards who were coached by a college Quidditch team.  Did you know Muggle Quidditch is a real sport?  I didn't, but it was quite entertaining with spectators cheering on their favorite house teams.  The Marquette University team are hoping to make it again to this year's Quidditch World Cup.

We transported home at the end of our day at Hogwarts and Diagon Alley to find that the muggles had been hard at work framing walls in our own magical lair.  Without a house-elf, Papa and Sylvia put this up the old-fashioned way!

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