Tuesday, June 28, 2011

deluxe chick brooder

 Our sweet new chicks were in a temporary brooder that was a 90 qt. plastic bin. Until Camille and Papa built a fabulous new brooder for them (unschooling math at its finest :).

 The work looked like so much fun that Princess Sylvia briefly abandoned her regular activities to lend a hand.

Camille wielded a power tool for the first time.
 Even Carly the Puppy wanted to get in on the action.

Meanwhile, Princess Sylvia was back to blasting her super soaker and stacking more wood.

 Camille has been gaining a lot of carpentry skills.  Besides helping build the brooder, she has also been proudly working on this coop-in-progress with her papa.

 And 'ta-da', the finished brooder, a 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 2 ft. tall box, made from reclaimed hardwood, a plywood bottom, and left over vinyl water-proofing material.
 They spent some time running around and stretching their wings before congregating around the feeder.

I think they're quite pleased with it.

And apparently, the brooder is just the right size for this:
*photo by Papa

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  1. I love it! What lucky little chicks and kiddos. Its so fun to watch them grow. Our chicks are looking more and more like chickens. I say they're currently in their awkward teenage week, right now. Looks like you're enjoying your brood!

  2. That is one mighty fine chick brooder I must say! Wishing you much happiness with your flock. Ours keep us busy and endlessly entertained:)

  3. Love the pic with your two big chicks in the brooder too!

  4. Nikole, I love the photo of your girl with the drill! Awesome. She is being so careful, so mindful; she is clearly, utterly in her Element, isn't she?

    And how empowering, to be able to help in such tangible way. For a kid to see herself building something so solid. Yeah, to giving kids power (both real and metaphorical!) :)

    Love Princess Sylvia helping out in her purple dress, too. Ah. What yummy days…

  5. Dresses and powertools. Excellent.

    And that's a lotta chickens! :)


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