Monday, November 11, 2013

embracing all moods

I'm having a harder time than usual embracing the season's changes this year.  The shift in daylight and the colder weather are not making me feel like being creative and cozy at home.  Instead, I have been feeling restless and irritable.  

I know that this too will pass, but it's here now and I can't quite figure out how to shake it.  I suppose it doesn't need to be shook, just seen through until the depth of this mood has passed.  I keep looking for (and helping facilitate) the sweet little moments in our days to help get me through until I find my rhythm again.

I find that an extended restless mood is generally a precursor for new creative inspiration and motivation in my children and in myself.  It's like a liminal state between projects or ideas or passionate engagement, a way to help recharge energies.  I'm trying to give myself the same acceptance and open space for these feelings as I would extend to a child or friend or partner if they were feeling this way.  Sometimes just telling yourself to buck up and be grateful for this very fine existence isn't going to cut it.  So, I am grateful for this too, this reflective moodiness and the self-acceptance to let it be what it is.

 Camille reading aloud by candlelight
 making fancy new paper from old paper

 sister love notes

 Camille wrote out Ayla's words to Sylvia

  at the 'big library'

 at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve
Camille was enjoying time with friends, learning about the biology of autumn trees and plants, and playing team-building games in her homeschool classes this week.  Ayla got to join in both of Sylvia's classes while I assisted the instructors in the classes about insects and about the moon and its phases.

So far, they have really been enjoying these classes and the instructors do a good job of incorporating a lot of hands-on and outdoorsy fun.  I think for my kids it's more about being with friends than anything else, though. We're pretty good at the hands-on and outdoorsy stuff ourselves :)

 making 'moon craters'

seeing the moon's phases in relation to the sun

Until I get my mojo back, I will keep looking for the goodness and light in our days.  I'll keep building fires in the wood stove.  I'll keep making yummy, nourishing foodstuffs in the oven and the slow cooker.  I know it will all feel so warm and inviting and magical again.  

In the meantime, a day at a new state park for picnicking and hiking and taking way too many photos certainly couldn't hurt :)
  Rocky Arbor State Park


Peace, until next time....

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