Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Little Witches

We started out our Halloween day by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Ayla lost interest pretty quickly but for a little while there was a three girl cuddle puddle in one large chair.
We drove to one of the nearest little towns in the early evening for trick or treating.  Camille, Sylvia, and Ayla were three little witches; a Hogwarts witch, a fancy witch, and an autumn witch.  They sung a song, complete with separate parts and motions, at each and every door.  They were so proud and delighted about how well-received their little routine was.  It was so much fun to watch!

They sung for the local police officer.

 They even got a request for an encore at one door as the other occupants of the house gathered around to watch.

As it was getting dark we went to a cemetery walk at our little historic church on the hill.  Each child was given their own flashlight to shine on the friendly monsters hidden behind some of the gravestones.  

We enjoyed some games and activities inside after the cemetery walk.  The kids decorated bat-shaped cookies and decorated pumpkins with glue, sequins, and yarn.  They bowled over candy corn-shaped bowling pins and pinned the monster head on the monster.

It was a day filled with laughter, song, friends, community, witchy goodness, . . . and of course lots of chocolate and treats to go around.

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