Saturday, November 23, 2013


Posts about earlier this week:

Our last Friday at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve homeschool classes was on a beautiful, cold, sunny day.
Camille with her finished watershed project

 Ayla and I headed out on a leisurely hike down to the pond on the snow-dusted paths.

I enjoy a good hike in late November after all of the leaves have fallen.  A wide variety of seed heads make themselves known.
cat tails fluffing to release their seeds

 beauty in the details

Ayla loves tromping up and down this rustic bridge.  We watched the flowing water, admired our shadows, and played with the light snow.

Camille and Sylvia hiked and crafted with friends.  They made fish prints and did watershed experiments, collected nature treasures, and spent time learning about tracking.

Even though they have enjoyed this round of homeschool nature classes and the time spent with friends, they have opted not to sign up for the winter session.  I'm good with it either way.

It has been such a fabulous week in this unschooling life, and I'm grateful to my supportive husband for taking the kids out of the house this afternoon so that I could have some quiet time to unwind and refresh before jumping back into it!  Tomorrow we have friends visiting us, and so it goes on.... :)

Yup, I love this life.

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