Sunday, November 17, 2013


Mid-November looks like this around here:

We had our first snow.  It didn't stick for long, but it brightened our day while it lasted.

We've been busy at play.

We brought our outdoor table in for puzzles and other extended projects.

The kitchen table is still prone to being taken over for such glorious messes as creating a watershed project out of plaster of paris, as inspired by Camille's class at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

I finished knitting Camille's woolen hoody dress ... finally!

The main living space often contains large forts or nests comprised of every spare blanket and pillow in the house these days.

Soon, we will have a whole 'nother room for such shenanigans.  Papa has been working hard on putting up drywall and mudding and sanding, and soon I get to paint it all!  We plan on setting it up with tables and bookshelves and a big TV for Netflix and the Wii and cozy nooks and toy bins and create a space for the kids that isn't also our livingroom/diningroom/kitchen area.

We've been listening to Lies My Teacher Told Me:  Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong and having conversations about Big Ideas.

We've read up on the history of baking powder,  looked at bizarre animals, giggled our heads off at The Intelevator, watched TED Talks for Kids, played fun math games, and much, much more thanks the the good ol' internet.

Our unschooling days are beautiful and messy, creative and peaceful, complicated and simple, nourishing and challenging.  Life is mighty fine.


  1. my kids have been whining about us not having snow lately. they see it on tv and in books all the time. sucks! they also want a fire in the fireplace. over 80 here today though :(

  2. It's good to see what others have been up to and that my house looks like others too! We have snow forecast for this week...

  3. We had just a brief snow, but worth a huge hill the kids still managed to get some sledding in.


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