Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wednesday, Thursday

Wednesday was messy and creative and fun.  
Camille tried out new crystallizing window markers.  It was fun to watch the crystals form shapes as the markers dried, like ice on a frosty window pane.

Camille and Sylvia played with more plaster of paris.  The table was covered with sculpting and painting projects of all kinds throughout the day.

Camille and I also started new knitting projects with the wool that we had picked out on Tuesday.

On Thursday, we met with the band director of the local public school.  Camille is interested in joining a band and learning how to play saxophone.  If she chooses to pursue it, the school is very agreeable about homeschoolers joining, and she already has friends that will be there twice a week for band practice.

After lunch, we volunteered to help at a local food pantry.  We spent two hours plugging in and helping wherever we were needed.  Camille was a runner, going between the back rooms and the front whenever needed, and Ayla and Sylvia and I helped double bag items and round up carts as people used them to carry their food out to the parking lot.  It was a little challenging helping a three-year-old volunteer ("I can do it all by my own!"), but the kids all really enjoyed helping and were invited back anytime.  It was very busy at the food pantry with Thanksgiving right around the corner, and we were reminded of how much we have to be grateful for, including a community that is full of volunteers and kindness.

After a stop at the library and some dinner, the girls were all ready for more creative messiness, while they watched Phineas and Ferb.

Ah, it looks like it will take one more separate post to round out this week, and I'll say it yet again, I love this life, through and through!

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