Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December ~ In a Flurry of Photos

 farm park in the snow

 visiting friends

 at the library
 major fort construction

 five play dough sculptors and a seamstress

  gingerbread barn
 at the Girl Scout Christmas party

 work-in-progress cabled leg warmer for my niece
band concert
 stringing popcorn and cranberries

  for the birds

 crafting a Christmas faerie for her sisters
 Lego Club at the library
  Christmas play practice
 in the lobby to see The Nutcracker Ballet
 Mama and Ayla as 'rat princesses'
 admiring the Nativity display
checking out heirloom seeds from the library to grow on the windowsill!
 in lieu of cutting down a Christmas tree this year we decorated a Christmas wall
 sewing and embellishing an angel costume
 several batches of white chocolate/peanut butter truffles
Mary, Angel Gabriel, and a shepherdess enacting the Christmas story
 prepping for Christmas Eve and Grandma and Grandpa's

 a crocheted hat for my nephew
  Christmas morning at Gigi And Abuelo's - more presents!
 day after Christmas at Great-Grandma's
 my Grandma's old sewing baskets - awesome present!!
 four generations of women
 cousin love

Wow! December felt like a whirlwind, mostly in a good, sparkly, joy-filled kind of way. These photos are such a random sampling. I am grateful and exhausted and feel like I could hibernate right through January.

My one-word intention for 2015 is attune, as in (1) to become receptive or aware and (2) to bring into accord or harmony. To me, this word carries a reminder of mindfulness in my attention and my actions.

Blessed be.

Happy New Year, friends!