Sunday, September 30, 2012

early autumn in Wisconsin

  Nothing restores my mood (and the moods of my family members) like time spent out of doors.
 at the park

 just up the road a half-mile

 sumac and pear leaves

 brunch at a diner to fortify us for a long hike :)

oak barrens

 Actually, when we hike together as a family, it is really more of a meander.  We slow way down and take things at the children's pace, which means mama and papa can get in a conversation, a few (hundred) photos, or even a lie-down.

 milkweed and maple

 This gives us time to look at things up close. . .
 or use the magnifying glass to light leaves on fire.  (Don't worry, we were very safe about putting it out :)

 Sylvia looks at moss up close. Camille gets it to smoke.

Back at home, there's more reasons to spend time outside, collecting the last of the green tomatoes.  We've had frost, but our garden is sheltered enough that the tomatoes somehow survived.  This is a bonus crop.

 a few strawberries and ground cherries, even

Looking ahead, we're fermenting tomato seeds to dry and save for next year's planting.

So, whether it's time at the park, up the road, at a state park, or in our own yard and garden, we're soaking up these last warm days and it is good for the soul....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

two days

 friends by the lakeside



 water balloons

  leaping over the water spray




Deliriously tired or not . . . it's a good life.