Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May's days (in photos)

The following are random photos from our lives, May 1st through the 16th.
I lead a weekly art workshop at the library where I work part-time. I love to see the inventiveness that happens here. It's so rewarding to see three generations playfully creating together. Some of the photos are of works-in-progress and some are completed projects. We've been playing with mixed media for the last two months.

Sylvia and Ayla also attend a weekly homeschool art class with some friends, so there is no shortage of colorful ways to express themselves throughout the week.

Sylvia often has an audio book playing in her ears, even when she's playing outside. Her recent book choices include titles ranging from The Bartimaeus Trilogy to The Omnivore's Dilemma.


When you have a yard in the country, it's pretty handy to have a teenager who will willingly take on the mowing for you. :)

Every year when the violets bloom, my girls race out to nibble them by the handful. Sylvia even added violets and dandelion petals to her spring rolls when we made them for lunch.

apple blossom beauty

raking up the lawn clippings

park with friends

Camille playing saxophone in the local high school band

with friends, all ready for their dance recital

Ayla's class dancing to Rainbow Connection

Sylvia and her friend performing with their hip hop group

We went rollerskating with friends after the recital and the girls thought it would be fun to keep on their dance finery.

Camille and friend
sweet sisters

self-portrait by Camille


a page from Ayla's 'art journal'

"Mama, wanna see the secret shelter that I've been working on? Follow me."
Sylvia's secret shelter (shared with permission, of course)

"Look at the longest dandelion stem ever!"

I may be slightly obsessed with the apple blossoms this year. They are so fragrant and abundant.
sunset in the apple blossoms
Sparks in the apple blossoms

midday park play while big sister is at her saxophone lesson

They love this old-fashioned water pump.

Have I mentioned that I love my part-time job? I do. (My working outside of the home is made even better by the fact that my girls will sometimes spontaneously whip up fry bread tacos and peach upside down cake for me to enjoy when I get home. Happened last night. I'm terribly lucky, I know.)
prepping for the kids' STEAM workshop for the summer library program

library art

My friend (and previous owner of our property) sent us these gorgeous orchids from Hawaii!!! (Thanks so much, Laura, if you're reading this!)

a full house for the weekly library art workshop

homeschool art class

A spontaneous stop at our nearby state park led to a bout of swimming-in-their-clothes on a particularly warm day.
Now that I have a teenager who isn't as likely to participate in such things, I have engaging company to chat with while her younger sisters giggle and splash.
Life around here isn't always rosy and joyful (we have our moments like any family), but it's always an adventure, sprinkled with learning and thoughtfulness and discussions and connection. I'm grateful for this life, in all it's ordinary, messy beauty.