Wednesday, March 16, 2016

winter wrap-up

The snow has thawed, the rain puddles are plentiful, the first bulbs have flowered, the green garlic is ready to eat from the muddy garden, and today was so blustery that you either had to lean waaay into it or take shelter. I, however, am two months behind on this little unschooling family blog, so we're going to revisit chillier days. Might as well start somewhere, in my usual catch-up-with-way-too-many-pictures-because-I-just-can't-help-myself sort of way.

Jan 11 - Feb. 2
Sylvia's shopping list
inspired by The Great British Bake Off

from scratch

scraping the vanilla bean

vanilla custard

assembling the layers
sponge cake, raspberry jam, custard, whipped cream
homemade marzipan, chocolate drizzle

for a prinsesstarta, made entirely by a very proud 8 year old

embracing the season

sister love

silly Mama attempting a handstand
*photo by Camille                   

message of love

Sylvia and fellow Girl Scouts being interviewed for the local news
 at the Mayor's Chili Cook-Off

Blokus in the afternoon light

"Mama, I think a beaver was here."
"Mama, help me defend the pirate ship!"

a Lady Gouldian finch
at the Building for Kids Children's Museum

creating and climbing



 Archimedes' screw and water play

"I know! Let's work together."

ready for action

History Museum at the Castle

ready for her Honor's Band performance

snow tubing at Whitetail Ridge

fresh vitamin C

"Mom, I need a plastic bag, a marshmallow roasting stick, and some yarn."
A little while later she comes out with this sail car.

"Oh, and I need a fan too, and a tape measure to see how far it goes at different fan settings."

more fun at "Pirate Island"

raiding our very extensive dress-up supply

Camille volunteers every week at our local library. This week they had her folding dollar bill origami for a display, as well as the usual shelving duties.

white crayon resist painting

under the sea

performing at a local fundraiser dinner

the deer love to congregate just down our road

dreaming of spring flowers

with food coloring and coffee filter art

...And that catches us up a little bit further. Every day I try to make the little choices that create a respectful, uplifting, vibrant learning environment for my children. I try to remember to care for myself and my husband too. I try to extend that caring and mindfulness into my interactions with friends and the greater community, and when I feel inspired I try to share here too. Sometimes (maybe even often) I fall down on one or more of those things, but in it's complexity, and it's simplicity, it's a good life. It's enough, and I'm proud of it.