Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sylvia's birthweek

Birthdays around here are very flexible.  Some years, the girls want big parties; some years, they opt for smaller celebrations with just family or only one or two other friends.  Either way, we tend to take a whole week to celebrate birthdays, rather than trying to cram all that goodness into one day.  Sylvia's birthweek kicked off with a visit from friends on the weekend.  Since we live pretty far out, visitors are major excitement around here :).

Besides outdoor play, we concocted several batches of jello playdough.
 One batch was enhanced with a massive dose of glitter.

Tuesdays are our in-town days.  This week that included birthday shopping at the mall, learning about ecosystems at a nature center, hiking out to a magical willow with friends, and tumbling at the Mazo Movement Arts Center on our way home.

This week the willow was a pirate ship, and us mamas were under siege.


One of Sylvia's birthday presents from us was a tabletop catapult.
ready for the mini marshmallows

The girls pooled their money to get this remote control car with three pairs of wheels!
 It's especially fun in the dark.

Since she loves body decorating (face paints, make up, temporary tattoos, etc.), we also got her a "henna-inspired tattoo" kit.  Which upon opening, turned out to be a brown "tattoo marker" and some pretty designs to trace.  It wasn't what I was expecting, but she was happy with it.
Her sisters enjoyed it, too!

Even shopping for cupcake decorating ingredients was fun.  These 'police officers', driven by their Papa, chased me and Camille all over the store.  You know, since we're thieves :).  There weren't many other shoppers, and we watched out for them carefully!  There was a lot of giggling.
I'll save her actual birthday for another post.  Plus, more fun to come this weekend.

And I'll leave with you with this randomly overheard moment from their imaginative play.  There is a lot of dress-up play at our house on a regular basis, from pirates to wizards to princesses.  Today, there was some contention about who would be the prince and who would be the princess in a royal wedding scenario.  Camille explained to Sylvia that sometimes women fall in love and get married and that they're called lesbians, so they could both be princesses.  So, I soon overheard. . ."Next time we play lesbian-princesses-getting-married, Mom can walk you down the aisle."  Apparently, my girls are in favor of marriage equality!
I love birthweeks.  Next post will have cupcake decorating mayhem!

Friday, February 22, 2013

our week

 gymnastics/dance class at the Mazo Movement Arts Center

  Camille and her sweetheart playing Yu-Gi-Oh
Camille and her 'boyfriend' bought each other Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for Valentine's day.  She also made an embroidery for him and he hand-stitched her a heart pillow.  Oh my sweetness.

Sylvia opted out of a big birthday party this year, but we had the first of several smaller celebrations for her 6th birthday.  We went rollerskating with one of our favorite families.  Oh yeah!  Even Ayla and I tried our skates out on the rink.
 And 'cause we're so fancy, there were cupcakes from a cupcakery, including vegan and gluten-free options.

"Mama, I totally wanna be a carpenter when I grow up."

We're still making progress.

 fun with chalk dipped in water

  watercolor paints

  Camille and Sylvia were unimpressed with the new snowfall even though our plans were cancelled because of it.  Then I reminded them the spring is only 4 weeks away and they couldn't get out the door fast enough.
 overheard:  "I love living here!"

If that's not enough excitement for one week, we have visitors coming tomorrow if they can weather the roads.

Less than four weeks 'til it's officially springtime!!!