Thursday, June 30, 2011


more strawberry pickin'

more preserving
honey-sweetened strawberry jam

more country road explorin'
covered bicycle bridge

more just plain livin'

the girls and their Papa
What next, I wonder?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

deluxe chick brooder

 Our sweet new chicks were in a temporary brooder that was a 90 qt. plastic bin. Until Camille and Papa built a fabulous new brooder for them (unschooling math at its finest :).

 The work looked like so much fun that Princess Sylvia briefly abandoned her regular activities to lend a hand.

Camille wielded a power tool for the first time.
 Even Carly the Puppy wanted to get in on the action.

Meanwhile, Princess Sylvia was back to blasting her super soaker and stacking more wood.

 Camille has been gaining a lot of carpentry skills.  Besides helping build the brooder, she has also been proudly working on this coop-in-progress with her papa.

 And 'ta-da', the finished brooder, a 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 2 ft. tall box, made from reclaimed hardwood, a plywood bottom, and left over vinyl water-proofing material.
 They spent some time running around and stretching their wings before congregating around the feeder.

I think they're quite pleased with it.

And apparently, the brooder is just the right size for this:
*photo by Papa

our unschooling journey
joining Owlet for  unschool Monday

joining Stephanie again with our favorite Create! of the week

Sunday, June 26, 2011

a good full day (and a Solstice fire)

We drove into the city in the morning and returned home well past dark.  It all started with a birthday party...

with water play

 and sand play

 a pinata

 and watermelon.

Then we ran errands, including trips to two different pet stores and purchasing all the supplies we'll need to get our 26 one-day-old chicks off to a good start when they arrive.  Then over to a friend's house to play and make music (mamas, too).

 and a summer solstice celebration at the very same place that we celebrated winter solstice.
 by the lake

 getting ready for the Procession of the Species parade

 Sylvia joining in

 kitty cat face-painting

another quiet moment by the lake

and finally, the lighting of the fire.

And a drive home with my oldest, still awake, full of giggles and confidences.

A day, filled to the brim, with old friendships, new beginnings, and lots of good, sparkly fun.  Now I need another day to recover :)