Friday, April 29, 2016

just another catch-up post :)

For my next installment of appreciating-the-little-moments-in-our-unschooling-lives photo extravaganza . . .
I present mid-March to early-April goodness . . . .

I volunteered to teach a teen workshop on acrylic painting at the Kickapoo Teen Drop-In, hosted by the good folks from Echo Valley Farm. Having never led such a group, I was a wee bit nervous about how to approach it, but the teens were inspiring and ready to dive into the creative process.
I've been requested to return and lead the acrylic workshop again in June, and am looking forward to painting with them in the Community Gardens next time.

Ayla collecting eggs and green garlic for lunch

The girls' cousins came to spend their spring break with us, and it was a lovely time for them all to reconnect and enjoy time out in the country together.
strolling the Omaha bike trail
sharing some downtime
caring for the chickens, ducks, and geese
and loads of time for good ol' playing around

cousin sweetness

my li'l Ayla fox in the woods
skippin' stones on the Lemonweir River
fun at the Mount Olympus theme park and water park

celebratin' together

with a friend, enjoyin' the results of a spring snowstorm in the shade of the solar panels

prepping for our naturally-dyed Easter eggs
with a friend

the gorgeous results

Easter mornin'

gettin' musical with the librarian

We created small works of art for the Kickapoo Valley Reserve's community art fundraising project. It was exciting to see our artwork displayed among the many inspiring contributions.
Some of the paintings that we created sold at the live auction fundraiser.

enjoying the trails at the nature reserve

pink hepatica

The following five photos were taken by Sylvia. I'm on the other side of the lens for a change. :)

creating signs

learning firsthand about our country's political process


all ready for a Spring Fling dance at the local school

I used to blog in a much more timely way, in smaller snippets, but one thing I enjoy about these overarching catch-up posts is seeing a broader view of what our weeks and months entail. Our days are so varied and busy. Our learning is broad and active. Our lives are interwoven with education and fun and connection. I can't complain one bit. Well, not much, anyway. :) Some days I am plumb tired. It's a satisfying feeling nonetheless.