Friday, May 23, 2014

everyday joy

We definitely have our yucky moments. Our "shut up, Mama, you're so annoying!" moments. Our not-so-nice yelling-back Mama moments. Our misunderstandings, sibling squabbles, pinched-in-the-door fingers, tears, and frustration moments. It's easy to focus on those sometimes. Everyday life is messy and ugly sometimes, but acknowledging these tough moments can help us find ways to shine light on our hurt spots, to find paths to deeper connection, and new methods for communicating and reconciling.

What we choose to focus on has a huge impact on how we feel about our lives and everything around us. Without denying or hiding the times when motherhood (and life!) is hard, I find that a focus on the little everyday joys can be a soothing balm and source of gratitude. This unschooling life ain't perfect, but it's full of natural learning and opportunities for chaotic fun, quiet reflection, and everything in between, and not just for the kids.

Here's more pics of our little everyday joys, from Mother's Day 'til now:
 Mother's Day ~ picking backyard tea

  backyard dance performance
 Camille-made gluten-free spice cake

on a Monday ~ best buddies

 homemade cream puffs 

  "Mama, this slide is not fast enough!"
  on a Tuesday
 band performance
 moon gazing
 on a Wednesday ~ sand at the park
 a hike

 at the library
on a Friday ~ planting asparagus

on a Saturday ~ Syttende Mai celebration
  music performance with her Papa

 robin babies
  on a Sunday ~ indoor waterpark and amusement park with the Girl Scouts

 Most of this week was spent with Grandma and Grandpa visiting our house.  The girls had a wonderful time playing with Grandma and bringing her along on our days, while Papa and Grandpa ripped out problem areas of the roof and repaired them. I appreciate that. It's nice to have a leak-free roof!

Honeycrisp apple blossoms 
 sour cherry blossoms
making pizza for Grandma and Grandpa
 at the local greenhouse
simple everyday joy