Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Gathering Summer Solstice Festival

Wanna come on a weekend adventure with us?
almost packed and ready to go


setting up our campsite that we shared with some of our close friends

We were all set up at the small music festival and went to look for Camille, Sylvia, and their two friends who were down past the stage playing volleyball.  When we got there, Camille was making the sign language signal for help.  She was thigh deep in mud.  Oof.  She needed a bit of help getting out.
Might as well play in it now; just avoid the sink spot.

searching for a lost shoe

rinsing off in the giant puddle

chillin' back at camp

We could hear the music really well from our site, but after the sun went down we went down to the stage to listen to the bands (hippie jam bands, mostly :), and to watch the fire spinners, fire hoopers, and other interesting folks.

After we were settled in the tents for the night, a raging storm rolled in, complete with wild winds, lightning, thunder, and pelting rain.  We stayed relatively dry, and the girls slept right through all of it, but not everyone fared so well.

There were interesting historical buildings at the Kickapoo Stump Dodger campground where the festival was held.  We explored a log cabin that a family of 10 had lived in, a mill house, hen house, and one-room schoolhouse.

notice the car topper on our purple station wagon (you'll see why in a minute)

Besides hanging out at the campsite and the music stage, we played at the park, blew bubbles, hula hooped, made nature crafts, and met and chatted with some interesting folks.

When the sun came out and the humidity and heat shot up we swam and played in the pool with our friends.
Camille loved jumping off of the diving board

Ayla loved all of the toys at the shallow pool

We were planning on camping a second night, but with the promise of more storms that night, we decided to cut it a little short.  We packed up and headed out in the evening, but not soon enough.  The storm came on fast and furious and tore the car topper packed with food and camping gear right off of the roof of the car while we were on the highway.  I am immensely thankful that no one was driving behind us!  

We jumped out of the car in the pelting rain and crazy winds to discover that the plastic had torn apart and the metal that secures it was ripped right off.  We dragged everything out of the road and realized that we didn't have much choice but to leave it roadside.  After a tense drive home, in which we had to detour because of flooding and road construction which had turned nine-miles of highway into a muddy gravel mess, we were so grateful to arrive home safely.

At home the next day we discovered that lightning had hit one of the trees on our property fairly close to the house and gardens.  The split tree didn't do any damage luckily.

One nice thing about coming home a day early, I finally finished planting my second garden. 
 It's really hard to get a large scale garden picture, but here's a view from the newly planted end and from the weedy end :)  It's roughly 11 feet by 70 feet.

Papa ripped the roof off of our old root cellar in preparation for rebuilding it, and found a snake that the girls were enamored with.

So, let's see . . . camping, mud, flooding, music, swimming, exploring, adventure, danger, gardening, destruction, and snakes.  That about wraps up our weekend.  Exciting and exhausting.  It's not quite dark out, but I'm off for bed.  Good night, folks.

Friday, June 21, 2013

impromptu solstice portraits

It all started with a daisy chain . . . .






Wishing you and all of the beautiful souls in your life a happy solstice!