Wednesday, August 31, 2016

July photo extravaganza

July 18 - 31

Oh goodness! August passed by in a delightfully busy manner. Before I get to that, I'm posting randomly captioned photos from the second half of July. We do love our summer days around here. 

Since we are still sporting "fancy" flip-phones around here, we had to wait until Gigi visited to try out Pokemon Go. Not surprisingly, there weren't many to capture out in our neck of the woods, but we had a fun time looking anyway.

When we searched for pokemon in town we discovered these lovely yarn-bombed trees at the park.


grilling out

showing Gigi around the garden and a sister stack

Who ya gonna call?


For Camille's 13th birthday we crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota to take a cave tour and visit a piercing parlor. It is not legal for a 13 year old to get her nose pierced in Wisconsin even with parental permission, so we took to the state border.
Niagara Cave with a 50 foot waterfall



the end of the mile-long cave hike

at Infinity Tattoo and Piercing

Sylvia, Ayla, and I went camping with our Girl Scout troop at a state park. We got rained out the second day but we still managed to get in an evening swim and a hike to Stephens' Falls the next day. Plus we fit in some activities - creative painting and making blankets for cancer patients.

chess at the big library

Sylvia's peach "mandala"

I found Sylvia, Camille, and their friend thoroughly enjoying a book about fancy bathrooms in a corner of the library. They were excited to show me this ultra-luxe shower room.

One day at work I took a few promo photos for Echo Valley Farm to share some of their products. Every week I help bake delicious goods in their farm kitchen.

pickin' peas

pickin' music during a sleepover

big sis, too

seein' what's good in the garden

When I'm working on an intuitive painting I like to periodically take a snapshot to see how the painting evolves over time. This one was inspired by the 'Honey Jar' class with Shiloh Sophia that was offered for free during an online art workshop that I participated in.

Looking Within
24" x 36"
acrylic paint on canvas

teenager with girl kitty, Ember

That wraps up July. I'm happy to hold onto summer for as long as it will let me. That's one of the many benefits of homeschooling in my book!