Thursday, November 10, 2016

autumn's turning

As this election season drags ugliness and division into the light for all to see, I struggle to find my peace with it. Having hard, deep conversations with my kids and friends and family about what it means, what we all hope for, and what might happen, I find some small comfort. With a diversity of political views, racial identities, sexual orientation, and religious persuasions among my friends, I can still clearly see our common desire for a better world and I see fear as the biggest divider. Urging extra care, consideration, inclusion, and respect is the only way that I can see forward. The struggle shows what we need to work on, what we need to stand up for. I stand solidly on the side of love over hate, not only for my family, my community, and my country, but for the world. It may sound like platitudes, but it feels more like a prayer from within.

So, I don't tell my children that it's hopeless and I'm ashamed of my country, I tell them that we need to stand more firmly for what is right and just, whenever we can, wherever we can. It may be miniscule ripples but together we can make waves. Also, per the usual, I'm catching up on sharing the little glimpses into our unschooling days. Finding gratitude in the beauty and in the struggle. 

photos are from Sept 18 - 30
 Sylvie adorned

 a pair of sandhill cranes

 sweet sister moment by the river

 read aloud (Sylvia)

  read aloud (me)

 apple pickin'

 a rare teenager photo :)

corn maze

  sharing apples with the animals
 dramatic skies

 rainbow skies

 body spray notes

 first day of hip-hop and tap/ballet classes, respectively

 how we unschool while Camille is in her daily band class
 making ripples
 locating all the countries of the world that begin with A

  puddles make the park more fun

 Cooper's hawk

 building a dino at the library

   We signed her toes before she went up on display :)

  garden zucchini, breaded and baked

 homecoming parade

homecoming halftime