Friday, January 10, 2014

polar vortex hibernating

Hello, out there.  We spent most of the week in the coziness of our home.  Here's some of what we got up to.
Sylvia had her heart set on baking and decorating a three tier cake with buttercream frosting.  Papa helped her.  They baked the cake in cylindrical Pyrex glass bowls in place of cake pans to get the layering effect.

 Camille decorated gluten-free gingerbread people.

 Sylvia created big 'A' and little 'a' angels.

 We played with watercolors, using eye droppers and sprinkling salt on the wet paint to create various textures.

 There was music playing, living room dancing, snuggling with pups, Papa-bench-pressing, and plenty of Wii Lego Harry Potter, as well as episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Mind of a Chef, wildlife documentaries, book read-alouds, swinging from ropes in the living room, bead stringing, and sister squabble negotiating.

 We baked bread (wholegrain spelt molasses and gluten free with garlic) and made extra for shaping bread sticks.

 The watercolor paintings became dragons and fire,

for flying through the living room.

One morning over oatmeal, quirky robots were created with stickers.

 Camille and I had knitting needles in our hands most days.  She finished this cable knit hooded scarf.

 Sylvia drew farm animals.

  Messes were created on an ongoing basis and sometimes we cleaned them up to make room for more.

  These wool socks with a giant hole-y heels were begging for a mend. I tried my hand at creating a new heel and eventually met with success.

We filled a balloon with water and food coloring and have plans for many more.

Camille tried fair isle knitting for the first time and is completely hooked.  Her mittens are coming along beautifully.

 I finished this hooded dress for Ayla and she sported it at the library when we finally went out and about for supplies.

Here ya go, Ma :)
This 'selfie' is mostly for my mom who is antsy to see what I look like without dreads. I have had dreadlocks for most of my adult life.  This last time it was nearly seven years of locks until New Year's Eve when I decided it was time to cut and brush and release. It feels really light.

Ayla chose a window seat for viewing the freezing sleet business that came when the weather finally warmed.

Beauty and goodness abounds.


  1. You look amazingly cute, I love how it turned out, you look so much younger!


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